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Accommodation & Prices

Telephone +27 (0) 83-505-4225
Location 4 Manilla Crst., Cola Beach, Sedgefield On Sea

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  • Knysna Tourism Accredited
  • National Accommodation Association of South Africa (NAASA) Accredited
  • Member of the Knysna, Brenton, Sedgefield Accommodation Association (KBSAA)

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations 0 to 7 days prior forfeit 100% of the deposit

Cancellations 8 to 14 days prior forfeit 80%of the deposit
Cancellations 15 to 21 days prior forfeit 75% of the deposit
Cancellations 22 to 28 days prior forfeit 50% of the deposit

Cancellations in excess of 28 days prior will incur a maximum 10 % administration fee to cover banking and handling charge

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